In mathematics, cosine serves as one of the three most common trigonometric functions. In music, Kosine converts artistic inspiration into anthems. The seven-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, personality, actor, and co-founder of Da Internz resonates across genres. His discography notably spans multiplatinum and chart-dominating smashes for everyone from Justin Bieber and Rihanna to Nicki Minaj and Big Sean. 

As a result, he exerts a universal impact on the culture by and large.

“I’m a mathematical term,” he grins. “I always loved the analogy between math and music. If you take the artist and multiply by ‘Kosine, you get the record. At the same time, it’s a classic rap term. I cosign people and place musicians together. The name covers it all.”

Born Marcos Palacios to a Guatemalan Olympiad father who has a stadium named after him in Guatemala and a Panamanian mother, the Illinois native recognized the power of songs at a very young age. He recalls “music was a form of meditation at home” with mom encouraging him to practice piano for hours on end at just six-years-old. He eventually picked up saxophone three years later and found a place behind the drum kit at the age of 13. He went from performing drums in a youth choir to enrolling in a Chicago program for young accelerated artists. At this point, he learned about production—a discovery galvanized after he read Quincy Jones’ autobiography. During his time at Florida A&M, he participated in jazz band, symphonic band, and marching band in addition to majoring in music education. 

Rather than “run right to L.A. and start a career, he created and taught a beat-making course as a professor for Columbia College. The class would even be featured in a Chicago Sun-Times profile. Serendipitously, a lecture provided an introduction to MIMS. He and Ernest “Tuo” Clark co-founded Da Internz, a music production group and company, and produced MIMS’ 2009 hit “Move (If You Wanna),” earning their first gold plaque in the process.

The song also kicked down the door for the pair to become a veritable sensation. Their grind paid off as Kosine admits, “We had so many steps—we didn’t miss one stair to get to where we are now.

Together, they helmed the multiplatinum “Eenie Meenie” for Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston, triple-platinum “Dance (A$$)” for Big Sean, platinum “Birthday Cake” for Rihanna and Chris Brown, and double-platinum “Anaconda” for Nicki Minaj, to name a few. Along the way, they garnered three ASCAP Awards and nine GRAMMY® Award nominations. As Tuo transitioned into the label world in 2015, Kosine “took nine months off to rewrite his life. In the aftermath, his highly cited TedxColumbiaCollegeChicago talk, “How To Rewrite Your Life, kicked off a bold new chapter in 2016.

This chapter commenced with a gig as a Beats 1 on-air host four times a week. As a personality, he next extended his presence to co-hosting BET’s, Man Cave. At the same time, he lent his talents to the world of film and television. Not only did he produce music for the blockbuster Pitch Perfect 3, Insecure, and Little, but he also regularly contributed a bulk of compositions to Empire and STAR as handpicked by Academy® Award-winning director and producer Lee Daniels. He parlayed this involvement into a recurring role on Star as Lil Dini.

With the 2019 launch of his own record label Gourmet Ratchet, publishing company Viva Panama Publishing, and solo debut on the horizon, Kosine’s legacy continues to multiply.

“I hope to inspire people and ignite some very interesting conversations,” he leaves off. “I feel like after all of this time I still have so much more to say. It’s just the beginning.” 🇬🇹🇵🇦🇺🇸


FEB' 18



This week, we sat down with the West Coast Young OG, Nipsey Hussle. Not only is he releasing his album this week, but Nipsey, who's name is so damn appropriate, is a true hustler. Nipsey joined the fellas and I to discuss his many ventures from his music career to the Marathon Clothing store, investing in a bitcoin company, and staying the cool guy that he is in the music industry.


FEB' 18




I couldn't hold onto this song any longer! I wanted to release this for Valentines Day, but it was just too good to keep on my laptop. So here it is, "Your World" produced by Da Internz and Affordable Healthcare. 





FEB' 18



Dinner was served, my good friends and family were invited, and spent my 35th birthday with those who I truly care about. I couldn't have asked for a better room of people and I'm truly thankful for those who came out to support.


JAN' 18



Had the honor of co-hosting the 4th annual Pensado Awards last week. When you get the call from Herb + Dave Pensado, the answer is always yes. This ceremony was an opportunity to let the engineers and producers who make your favorite songs get some shine. There was a shit ton of laughs, a lot of great moments and it was truly a unique experience to be in front of some of the most influential people in music.



burna boy

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DEC' 17




Had the pleasure of sitting down with Nigerian Reggaeton artist, Burnaboy. Lately he's been in the news for being falsely accused for a robbery, but if we get right down to it, he's a dope ass artist, with crazy production, and killer ass personality to match.

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DEC' 17



While Ebro was out chopped it up with Jeremih on what it was like being featured on 'The Fate of The Furious' soundtrack, how Chicago has shaped him as an artist, current music and more.

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NOV' 17




Ebro was out of town, so I filled in and caught up with Blackbear, the super producer, songwriter, creative artist from Pittson, Pennsylvania.cybersex is blackbear’s fourth full length, but it’s the first that he’s released since signing what he touted as a $10 million deal with Interscope and the project has all the bells and whistles of the industry playing catch-up with a genuinely new sound. His talents are for melody, mimicry, and self-promotion and he has marketed himself as a polished answer to what critics have called SoundCloud rapcybersex scans as a major label affair, with a bloated 14-song, 51 minute tracklist, shiny Rap&B hooks scattered chaotically like glitter on hotel bedsheets.

Kosine filled in for Ebro Darden and caught up with Blackbear about his upcoming tour, what it’s like working with superstars, how Dennis Rodman ended up on a track, his latest release ‘digital download’ and more.

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cyhi the prynce


OCT' 17


Filled in for Ebro Darden and Cyhi The Prynce delivered a premiere of "I'm Fine" feat. Travis Scott from his forthcoming album 'No Dope On Sunday' dropping Nov. 17. Plus he talked working with Kanye West on "Dat Side," working with ScHoolboy Q on "Moving Around," and more.





SEP' 17



While Ebro was out being a super-hero, I caught up with my new buddy, Buddy about his new music, his EP "Ocean and Montana" and more. He's Plus he dropped a freestyle.

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kelly rowland


AUG' 17




Kelly Rowland stopped by the studio to hang with Kosine and run through her top women in R&B. Tap over to the playlist to listen to her picks: http://bit.ly/kellyrowlandplaylist

Listen to our conversation:





AUG' 17


Definitely wanted to kick off the year and reflect one of the best moments of my career. I was asked to speak at my alma matter, Columbia College and deliver a TEDx talk called "ReWrite Ya Life." I talked about my struggles as a musician from Chicago, to loosing my mother, moving to L.A. to taking my career to another level in music by creating hit records for some of the biggest names in music. There's so many ups and downs and life, and I was just thankful to spread my message and tell my story.


"If my worst nightmare can come true, so can all of my wildest dreams."-kOSINE